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Mechanical Engineering Equipment.
Hydro Static Tester
Riveting Press
Bush/Bending Interference Fit Press
Multi Purpose Press
Press With Load Controls
Clinching Press
Foam Cutting Press
Sheet Metal Bending Press
Precision Purifier Product
Corrosive Liquids Pumps
Polypropylene Pumps
Laboratory monoblock pumps

Double Cylinder/Special Purpose Press Machines
Senke Mechanica Equipment
Stainless Steel Pumps
Self priming effluent pumps

Pneumatic piston barrel pumps


Pneumatic and Hydro Pneumatic Equipments

Pneumatic Presses
Mechanical Equipments.
Pneumatic 1 Color Pad Printer
Two Color Pad Printing Equipment with Conveyor
2 Color Automatic Bottle Cap Pad Printer Machine
Insulating oil-purifier roots booster
110kv Oil Immersed Power Transformer
Manual 1 Color Pad Printer Sealed
One color pad printing machine
Desktop one color pad printing machine
1 color pad printer Max Plate size
Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Color pad printing equipment with two pads
Two Color Pad Printing Machine with-Sealed Ink Cup
1 Color-Rotatory Pad Printing Machine
Supply high quality vacuum transformer oil purifier oil filt

Tons Electric Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck1

Pallet High lift

Air belt Bagged Compact Cylinder Vacuum

Leg and arm cycle ergometer

Arm Ergometer (Hand Cycle)

Fluid Upper Body Ergometer

Ergoline 400 Arm ergometer
Anaerobic Testing Ergometer

Arm Bike-Upper Arm Ergometer

Elite Total Body Ergometer


Monark 828E Test Ergometer

Model 10-2920 generates ...

Seated Upper Body Ergometer

Upper Body Ergometer 

Vacuum Ovens Rectangular (GMP Model)
UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer

Vacuum Ovens Rectangular (GMP Model)
FT-IR spectrometer
Vacuum Ovens Rectangular (GMP Model)
ICP-OES spectrometer





Mechanical Engineering Equipments
Travelling Microscope
The bed is of a heavy casting, thoroughly aged and machined, is fitted with leveling screws. On the dovetail guide ways slides the horizontal carriage which can be clamped at any position by means of a thumbscrew. A second sliding carriage slides along a gunmetal vertical pillar fitted on the horizontal carriage. The slow motion guide bars are made of sturdy material and the motion is very smooth.

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Plumbing tools - Water pump
Plumbing tools - Water pump 2''

Model: RB20-A, Displacement:

183cm3, Continuous out put: 3.5HP/3600rpm, Max Out put: 5HP/4000rpm, Direction of rotation: Counter clockwise, facing PTO Shaft, Fuel tank capacity: 3.8ltrs, Starting system: Recoil starter, Spark plug: E6C, Dry weight: 15kg.

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Automatic Sealer and Shrinker
Automatic Sealing and Shrinking Machine
Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices;
Constant sealing with no need of changing .Easy to operate and maintain;
The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer;
The added horizontal and vertical electric eyes provide options for switchover.

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WPC brushing machine
WPC brushing machine
Wpc wood brushing machineAccording to the different wood material we can customize the different wood brushing machine
Main uses:
Solid wood grain highlighting, with steel and nylon wire brushes,
WPC decking profile brushing, with steel and nylon wire brushes

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Personal Air Shower
Air Shower is a self- contained factory assembled unit in different sizes. The unit deliver class 100 high velocity air @6000 FPM through adjustable nozzles. It is useful for de particulate fully gowned personnel before entering into the
clean room. The unit available in Stainless Steel and GI Powder Coated Construction.

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Testing machines

Testing machines includes aggregate impact tester, compression testing machine 2000 KN and compression testing machine 1000KN.

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Rocking Microtome
We manufacture and supply premium quality Rocking Microtome that is widely used in different laboratory and research experiments. The highly precise and perfect cutting rocking microtome offered by us can cut sections of tissues ranging from 2 to 24 micron.

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Industrial De-Humidifiers
We offer Industrial De-Humidifiers that are used to control moisture & humidity in Pharma Manufacturing Areas, Computer Rooms, Food Industries, Electronic Industries etc. For Pharma application De-Humidifiers are available in Stainless Steel construction

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Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer

By measuring the change in velocity of an acoustic signal, the Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer provides a continuous non-destructive method of determining compressive strength as a function of time.

Method of Operation

The cement slurry to be tested is placed in an autoclave unit with temperature and pressure adjusted to simulate downhole conditions.An acoustic signal is then transmitted through the cement sample. As the strength of the cement increases over time, the faster the acoustic signal travels through the sample.
A computer running customized Windows®-based software measures the transit times of the signal over time and interpolates the compressive strength values. This data is available in real time onscreen and is also stored in an Excel spreadsheet for easy graphical viewing and printing.

Features and Specifications

  • Cement samples are not destroyed at time intervals
  • Can purchase additional autoclaves
  • Temperature control (up to 400°F)
  • Pressure control (up to 16,000 PSI)
  • Data is available instantly onscreen and is automatically downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet
Single: 15" × 24" × 18" (38 × 61 × 45.8 cm)
Dual: 15" × 40" × 18" (38 × 122 × 46 cm)
Single: 85 lb (39 kg)
Dual: 170 lb (78 kg)


  • 120-50 SINGLE-CELL UCA, 16,000 PSI
  • 120-52 DUAL-CELL UCA, 16,000 PSI


BK Precision 878A Universal LCR Meter
The 878A measures capacitance, resistance (of non-inductive components) and inductance. Components can be measured with selectable test frequencies in series or parallel modes as desired. The 4 1/2 digit main LCD displays values to 19,999, and the secondary 3 digit 1,000 count display reads D or Q. Both models can be used in either auto ranging or manual ranging modes. Features
·  Selectable test frequencies 120Hz, 1KHz
·  Simultaneously displays measured component value and Q or Dissipation Factor (D)
·  Display hold
·  Relative mode
·  Tolerance mode
·  RS 232 Interface (cable and software required)

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Ready-to-test digital Brinell tester with closed loop controlled load application
•Sturdy, regular 30 kN (3000kg) Brinell tester
•Rugged construction to with-stand the harshest environments
•Accurate reliable and durable tester at a very affordable price
•High rigidity and closed loop load technology to ensure accurate and safe load application
•External microscope with analogue scale for indentation measurement
•Easy to use human interface to set up and operate the tester Brinell video microscope system optional
Standard delivery
•CV-3000LDB main unit
•Measuring microscope 20x
•Ball indentors ø 2.5mm, ø 5mm and ø 10mm
•V-anvil ø80mm
•Large flat anvil ø200mm
•Small flat anvil ø60mm
•Test block 150-250 HBW 10/3000
•Test block 75-125 HBW 10/1000
•Test block 150-250 HBW 2.5/187.5
•CV Instruments certificate
•Installation and user manual
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Soil Drying Oven
A laboratory oven designed to dry and aggregate large quantities of soils in accordance with most B.S and ASTM requirements.

Constructed of a pre-finished coated mild steel exterior and an aluminum coated steel interior chamber which is both durable and corrosion resistant, this unit meets the requirements of BS 1377 and is ideal for on-site laboratories and general soils and aggregate testing.

  • Dial thermometer 0-200°C with collar fixing for door
  • LED display for showing temperature on thermostatically controlled units
  • Heavy duty shelves
  • Units complying to BS2648
  • Traceable calibration certificates

NB: Wagtech offer a wide range of Laboratory Ovens in our General Laboratory Catalogue (The LabCat4). Please refer to the Laboratory section of this website for further details.

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Determination of the Breaking-Point

Determination of the Breaking-Point of Bitumen - Fraass Method - BPA 5 (automatic)
IP 80 - EN 12 593 (former DIN 52 012 - NF T 66-026) - JIS K 2207
Easy to Operate
Due to its principle of construction ”measuring the bending force of a steel plaque coated with the material
to be examined“ and the use of thermoelectric elements for the cooling of the test chamber, the Automatic
Breaking-Point Tester BPA 5 offers a series of outstanding advantages.
The handling of the BPA 5 is very easy, even clamping and adjusting the coated steel plaque
is made automatically. The operator only puts the specimen on to the plaque support and the BPA 5
automatically clamps and adjusts the test-plaque.
The large LC-display provides the operator with additional instructions during a test. When a test is
completed, the fi nal result remains on the display until a new measurement is started.
The BPA 5 is a very economical instrument. It uses Peltier-elements for the refrigeration
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carried out by simple keystrokes within the software.
● The instruments have a motorized 8 hollow cathode lamp turret which allows the automatic positioning and optimization of each hollow cathode lamp by the software.
● The control of the gas flows for the fuel gas (C H ) and the positioning of the burner is also carried out directly from 2 2 the software thus allowing optimization of the instruments for the best analytical parameters for a selected analysis.
● Two methods of background correction are available. The first utilizes a deuterium lamp and the second is the proven method of self reversal.
● The location of the wavelength and peak selection is automatic and controlled from the software.
● The spectral bandwidth is automated and is available with a choice of five slit sizes.
● The electronic parameters for the photomultiplier detector, the hollow cathode lamp current and the balancing of the absorbance and background energies are controlled from the software.
● The ignition of the flame is computer controlled and the various safety interlocks offer a very safe operating system.

Advanced Graphite Furnace:
● The unique design of the graphite furnace reduces the chemical interference effects and memory effects by
uniformly heating the graphite electrode.
● The computer controlled heating program allows the user to select the best heating program for the analysis.
● The optical temperature during the atomization stage ensures the rapid heating and rapid analysis. This helps to
extend the life of the graphite tube and enhances analytical accuracy.

Safety Features:
● The flame conditions are continuously monitored and should the flow rates change an audible alarm sounds.
● The pressure of the support gas (oxidant) is monitored constantly. If the pressure changes then the flow of the fuel gas will be stopped and the flame will be safely extinguished.
● A sensor monitors the level of liquid in the drain and will prevent ignition if too low. The flame will also be extinguished of the level of liquid in the drain changes significantly.
● The argon pressure for the graphite furnace is constantly monitored and should it change the heating cycle for the graphite electrode will immediately cease and the graphite electrode will be de-energized.
● Cooling water flow rates for the graphite furnace are also monitored for changes and should changes occur the heating program will cease.
● If the graphite tube should facture during the heating program the heating will cease.

CNC Lathe, Lathe, Auto Lathe
Ray Feng machine is a professional CNC auto lathe manufacturer in Taiwan. . RF 2-Axis series RF-C20 cnc machine. RF 2-Axis series RF-C20 cnc machine . 

CNC Lathe Machine. Heavy Duty Roll Turning Lathe

Flash- and Fire-Point with Open Cup - Cleveland Method
Product group(s):
Bitumen, Flash Point
User group(s): Bitumen, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Insulating Oil, Jet Lube, Lube Oil, Power Plant, Regulatory Authorities, Turbine Oil
This flash-point and fire-point test method measures the tendency of a test specimen to form a flammable mixture with air.
Suitable for viscous materials having a flash-point between +79 °C (175 °F) and +400 °C (752 °F) except fuel oils. Used to define the hazards of flammable and combustible materials according to shipping and safety regulations.

  • Automatically lights test flame, relights if necessary during the test, suppresses gas source at end of test
  • Built-in sensor for automatic barometric pressure correction
  • Overheating detection with automatic heat shut-off during the test
  • Pt-100 glass probe included, stainless steel type optional
  • Manual testing, preset or individually set programs
  • 2 Calibration modes: dynamic calibration against certified ASTM-thermometer or
    sample Pt-100 calibration by correction table with 21 calibration points (preset every 20°C or user defined)
  • Calibration protocol print out
  • Jog-Shuttle operation (turn & push) with LED indication for operation (blue flashing), cooling down (red), failure (red flashing)
  • Multi-language user support (English, French, German, others planned)
  • Memory for 1000 tests, 20 operator names, 100 sample names, 21 test methods
  • Message when result is out of specification
Automobile Maintenance Equipments
We provide teaching equipments modified from real automobile parts in category of automobile maintenance. The sectional feature of them makes students easier to understand


Disc brakes ATZ

Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment

These brakes are used in mechanism where soft increase of braking moment is needed. ATZ brakes are desiged for interrupted


Disc Clutch ASD
Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment

- Simple and compact structure - torsionally flexible - Transmit high turning moment within small size - Dampen vibrations and compensate position deviations


Machinery Equipments
We provide one hundreds series, more than hundreds products in category of machinery. They can be classified into lathe, milling, shaping, drilling, welding, shearing, furnace, ...


Milling Attachment
Milling Attachment
Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment

UK-2300and UK-1400 Milling Attachment for substrate crushing.
Application: The milling attachments UK-2300 and UK-1400 co-operating with tractors make it possible...


Power Cutter
Power Cutter
Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment

PA-120 , PA-120B Power Cutter for Asphalt and Concrete. The cutter is designed for cutting out the slots in asphalt


Shoe brakes AHH with Electrohydraulic
Shoe brakes AHH with electrohydraulic releases
Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment

These radial two-shoe brakes with electrohydraulic releases type ZE or EB are designed to work with drum brakes on the....


Single column vertical lathe
C5140 single column vertical lathe
1. This machine is suitable for machining of all kinds of industries. It can process external column face, circular conical surface,head face, shotted, severance of car wheel lathe.
2. Working table is to adopt hydrostatic guideway. The spindle is to use NN30( Grade D)


Sand blasting equipment
Sand blasting equipment
sand blasting equipment
we are offering Sand Blasting Machine with Good Quality can be offered.


Hammer crusher equipment
Hammer crusher equipment1.reliable mechanical structure
2.high productivity
3.favorable applicability
4.easy to be operated


Lift Type Welding Positioner Equipment
Lift Type Welding Positioner Equipment
It is applied to welding positioning of heavy-duty engineering machinery and the other big machine


Piling machine/piling Equipment
High rate Piling machine/piling equipment 1.Original clamping and lifting mechanism.
3.High rate and low price
4.Enviroment friendly


Automatic Water Supply Equipment
Automatic Water Supply Equipment
Head up to 2.5Mpa
Ambient Temperature: 0~40degC



CD Hoist
CD Hoist
The CD Hoist is a small lifting equipment that can be installed on single/double girder overhead crane or gantry crane. Lifting capacity of the hoist can be ranged from 0.25t to 20t,. Lifting height from 3m to 18m


wastewater treatment Equipment
wastewater treatment equipment for washed plastic rubbish
wastewater treatment equipment for washed plastic rubbish
Advantages: Low cost,Stable water quality,installed conveniently


Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment
mining equipment can crush materials with different sizes into equal particle, reliable mechanical structure, high productivity


Laminar Air Flow Unit

Laminar Air Flow Units are available in Stainless Steel and GI Powder Coated Double Skin construction in any configuration. The units are transported in dismantled condition for easy handling and assembled at site. All Units are tested as per the norms at factory and at the site. All documentation will be provided.


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Micro controller trainer is the general purpose trainer. It consists of many features like input data switches and output indicator. It also has pulser and a variable frequency controlled output. The data input switches can be connected to any input configured port of the controller for desired input. And the output can be verified through the output indicators by connecting any of the output configured port to the indicators connector. There are two pulser switches available, one provides high to low pulse and the other provides low to high pulse.
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Powder Dispensing
Self-contained factory assembled vertical down flow unit for Dispensing Bulk Powder, sampling and weighing small quantities of highly active materials. The object of the unit is
containment of powder, control the air bone particles and giving pleasant working environment and improve the weighing
accuracy. The unit is custom made in various sizes suits to the
requirement. The unit is available in stainless steel or GI Powder Coated Double Skin construction.

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Biosafety Cabinet

These micro biological safety cabinet offer class-II protection according to international standards. They are designed with vertical Laminar Air Flow with intake via a front opening. Percentage of exhaust air and fresh air 30%.
* Personnel, product and environment protection.
* Protection against cross contamination.
* Quiet operation

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Seta Smoke Point
Smoke Point Apparatus ASTM D1322, IP 57
The Seta Smoke Point Apparatus determines the smoke point of kerosine and aviation turbine fuel by measuring the maximum flame height prior to smoke formation and comparing the results with those of known standards
Tripod stand, lamp body and chimney
Viewing window
Robust construction

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PSEM EXplorer
PSEM EXplorer
Now in its third generation, the PSEM eXplorer is an automated scanning electron microscope that is designed for the automated imaging and elemental analysis of a wide spectrum of surfaces and particulate.


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This test method covers the determination of the flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 40 to 360°C by manual or automated
REF. 941616 The model NPM 110/A, manual instrument, is delivered complete with cup and cover, thermometer and stirrer. This model follows method A. The model NPM 110/B, manual instrument, is delivered complete with cup and cover, thermometer and stirrer.

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micro controller trainer is the general purpose trainer. It consists of many features like input data switches and output indicator. It also has pulser and a variable frequency controlled output. The data input switches can be connected to any input configured port of the controller for desired input. And the output can be verified through the output indicators by connecting any of the output configured port to the indicators connector.
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Lab Spray Dryer
SD-1500 SPRAY DRYER is the result of our constant innovation in this field of laboratory scale spray drying systems through longtime cooperation between Japan Powerpoint and Shanghai Triowin.. The unit is self-contained and is supplied completely and ready for immediate operation.The machine,with compact design,is intended to be used on a (mobile) platform.3

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Metling Point Appartus 
 Stuart Designed for fast and accurate measurements of melting points. Heating block accommodates up to 3 samples and incorporates a platinum resistance sensor for responsive temperature control. A membrane key pad allows easy setting of the desired start temperature and heating ramp rates (fully adjustable from 0.5°C to 10°C per minute) in 0.1°C increments.

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Flash Point Apparatus
Flash Point Apparatus

NEC & NEC NIG. Ltd. is a trustworthy and reliable source of Flash Point Apparatus. We import and supply high quality Flash Point Apparatus in accordance with international standards and norms.

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Compact Design
A compact design saves lab. space. These instruments are easy to maintain and service.
A Proven System
The Euro EA is a newly developed system for elemental analysis. The functional principle involves dynamic, spontaneous combustion with subsequent chromatographic separation. This principle has been used for 30 years and guarantees the best results.

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Note: All these and others are available. We are available to source to your requirement. Please Contact Us :

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